From Mr. How Sweet and me!

Alternate title of this post: Why I Don’t Do Crafts, Part 2.

We set about our pumpkin carving duties this afternoon. There were multiple times when I thought of just sticking the carving utensil into my eye.

After getting rid of the pumpkin guts, I considered roasting the seeds, but decided I was too lazy. Instead, I ate 2 Snickers bars.

I chose the simplest face stencil and still ended up cutting off an eyeball. Mr. How Sweet had the brilliant idea to put it together with a nail, and it stuck.

We sprinkled the insides of the pumpkin with cinnamon, just like my mom used to do when we were little. And of course, used vanilla votives to make it smell even more delicious.

Mr. How Sweet carved this amazing pumpkin – again, no stencil! Just looked at a picture and carved it out. I don’t even know who he is.

And he, of course, did the How Sweet masterpiece – complete with cupcake.

Now we are passing out candy and just finished a delicious dinner. After seeking counsel on Facebook and Twitter, I threw together some sort of beef goulash/stew/stoup with sweet potatoes and biscuits. Hit the spot!

Ugly meal, but deliciously comforting.

Now it’s time for Boardwalk Empire, STEELERS(!) and 600 Kit Kats.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!