In celebration of our anniversary weekend, Mr. How Sweet and I are spending the evening hanging out with my brother and watching intellectual television like The Office and Eastbound and Down.

Romantic, no?

Mr. How Sweet was craving pizza, and it’s hard these days to find pizza that we like better than homemade. Too bad he doesn’t know how to make it himself!

The kitchen was a disaster tonight and I was not feeling the homemade pizza, so I got it done as quickly as I could.

It resulted in a oddly (and impatiently) shaped cheese pizza (for me):

And a pepperoni + sausage pizza for the boys.

It took all my might to put this sausage on their pizza. There are only two foods that really gross me out, and one of them is sausage. The other one is twinkies. Both terrify me. I got sick around the time I ate both of those years ago. I still can barely stomach looking at them!

While I was getting the pizza ready, I also started a big pot of chili for us to snack on over the next few days. We like our chili super thick.

Threw in one of my favorite ingredients:

The real reason I was impatient with the pizza was because I had something else going on in the oven. No, not a bun. I was working on this:

But I’ll share that tomorrow.

Have a fabulous night – I can’t believe our anniversary is in two days! Stay tuned… we have some fun planned.