Mr. How Sweet and I are spending a long weekend in DC!

It is one of my favorite places because I am an American history geek. It was my major in college before I switched it… multiple times.

You can imagine that after driving 4 hours and being stuck in some major traffic that hungry-angry husband syndrome was starting to set in. First plan of business was to get some food and drink. Luckily it was happy hour.

I’m sure you’re going to have a tough time figuring out who ordered what.

[those are BLUE cheese fries. otherwise know as heaven.]

Any guesses as to what Mr. How Sweet drinks?

I really want to see some guesses in the comments section. Because I will be shocked if anyone can figure it out.

After eating, we met up with my cousin Lacy.

We walked blocks upon blocks, starting at Chinatown and walking to see a few monuments at night. It was really chilly!

Then we got some thai food since we didn’t sufficiently stuff ourselves earlier.

We had such a fun time at dinner!

Mr. How Sweet and I just got back from a delicious breakfast. It was overflowing with fresh figs and bowls of whipped cream and every granola known to man. We *thought* it was the complimentary breakfast.

Turns out it was a $50 breakfast buffet. Now we will have to eat $4 cheeseburgers the rest of the trip.

Off to walk it off!