Since I recently made such a drastic decision, I know there are going to be many changes to come. I keep reminding myself that these changes are great ones and are leading me to my ultimate passion: writing.

The thing is, I don’t like change! Do you? I admit it keeps things exciting, but it really makes me want to curl up in a ball.

In order to maintain a positive attitude, I am trying to find the best in all of these changes and remember that some may be short-term sacrifices for my long-term dreams.

The first change is a minor one, but definitely a change from what I’m used to. The first thing I did when I resigned was cancel my gym membership. I never had to pay for a gym membership because I always trained a gym. But that gym ended up being a good 15 minute drive there and back, and at 4:45 am before a long day… it all adds up. So I was paying a fee for a gym that is less than a mile from my house – it was just easier.

This is a huge change for me. I am pretty sure I can still go work out at the gym I trained at before, but until I decide if I am going to train a few clients again, I’d prefer not to.

This means… no access to weights! While it will most likely be short lived and I will be back in a gym once I have more solid plans, I am looking forward to changing up my routine, doing more yoga and doing more functional work. I may get a set of 20# dumbbells at some point, but I want to see how it goes. The thing I’m not looking forward to? We only have a treadmill.

Major snooooze. And as most of you know – I am not a runner. I despise running. It is right up there next to eating broccoli. Not my drug of choice. But you gotta give some things up to get the dreams you want, right? No big deal. Small potatoes.

So… if you don’t have a gym membership, what is your favorite strength training workout? I get bored very easily so will be switching it up a lot. Is there a DVD you love? A FitTv program you love? I’m certainly not in the market for Insanity or P90X (unless someone wants to send me one – ha!)

In other news, this weekend marks the two year anniversary of the How Sweet Wedding! Where is the the time going? Why am I not 17 anymore? And most importantly, why hasn’t the money tree I planted started growing in the back yard?!