It has been a full 2 months since I was at Trader Joe’s. I can’t believe I survived that long! And I love sharing my trips with you, so take a look below at what we grabbed this morning.

Actually, first let me show you what I didn’t buy. I was so tempted to grab these, but instead snapped a pic with my phone to remember to get them next time.

It was an easy choice to leave behind the peppermint + chocolate items, because Mr. How Sweet despises the mint and chocolate combo. And by “easy,” I mean I wept every time I drove my cart past said items. Next time…
I got some of my favorite hummus and chips to snack on.

I’d say these snacks are much better than the ones Mr. How Sweet picked up last weekend, no?
Some delicious cereals.

Easy food for Mr. How Sweet to make when I’m not around.

These don’t even qualify as meals for him. They are more like snacks.
Cheese, since I’m a giant cheese hoarder.

That actually isn’t true. We go through cheese like socks in this house.
Some vegetables, so I can pretend to be healthy while they all die in my crisper drawer.

Some awesome produce.

[organic poms for only $1.49!! this is huge considering the non-organic ones at my grocery store at $3 a pop.]

Some boring, ole’ staples.

Some egg nog that I can’t wait to drink while tree trimming!

Even if every year I buy a carton, drink about 4 ounces and then throw it away.
More snacks for Mr. How Sweet.

I’ll be way too busy to make him homemade ones.
Ecstasy in seed form.

[hello lover.]

These may have been the only reason I trekked it out to TJ’s.
Now I’m enjoying a bowl of Strawberry Yogurt O’s and about to do a little cooking.

We are off to watch the Steeler game with my parents and grandpa, then hopefully returning to finish decorating the poor tree.