I have finally updated the RECIPE INDEX!

I know I have been sluggish with this, so you can just imagine how Mr. How Sweet feels about the current state of our bathrooms. Take procrastination times forty. Then multiply it by sixteen. I’ve never been great at math but I’m pretty sure that yields a high number.
Just in case you are looking for any extra-delicious recipes for Thanksgiving week, I’ve listed a few of my favorites below. However, I must admit – I am not one to want any “new” or “unique” recipes for Turkey Day. Give me turkey, stuffing, mashed taters and a gallon of gravy. I’ll even take the over-gelled cranberry sauce from a can. I don’t discriminate.
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Caramelized Autumn Fruit Stuffing

Simple Whipped Sweet Potatoes

Brussels Spouts with Potatoes and Bacon

Warm Autumn Salad

A Healthier Pumpkin Cupcake

Dessert Applesauce

Do you like the traditional Thanksgiving foods? Or are you making something special?