I have a sore throat. And what’s so great about having a blog is that I can whine and complain to the masses about it. Isn’t that fantastic?

Not really. I’m just fibbing. I rarely complain on the screen here. I save it all up for Mr. How Sweet when he gets home from a long, tedious day of work. Aren’t I thoughtful?

So, I’m not really sick, but I do have somewhat of a sore throat and sinus issue going on. It’s just annoying. And calls for lots of chocolate. And Kleenex.

The first thing I did this morning was bring out the juicer.

Remember, when I told you I was really terrible at using gift cards? Well, this past summer I stumbled upon a gift card that we had left from our wedding. I’m not going to tell you where it was for, for fear that the gift-giver is reading and I will be forever humiliated. But I did use the gift card to buy this juicer. And I love it.

We really bought the juicer because there was nothing else we needed, and I wasn’t about to let Mr. How Sweet spend the gift card on a life-size Dale Earnhardt Jr clock.

Did you spy my cookie jar in the back?

Yes, it is full 95% of the time. I want to be the wife/daughter/mother/grandmother/overeater that always has a full cookie jar. 1950’s here I come!

Back to the juice.

I only bring the juicer out in times of sickness or extreme hangovers. The reason being is that not only is it a pain to clean, but it is so expensive due to the amount of produce it uses. And I’d rather eat my food, not drink it. Well, except when it comes to vegetables. I’d rather not eat or drink those.

Did you ever wonder what the inside looks like?

Those spikes can pulverize anything.

I always feel energized and great after drinking juice. I assume I’d also feel this way after eating veggies, but that still doesn’t tempt me to throw the broccoli stalk in my shopping cart.

I brought out the goods for juicing.

The only thing missing from this was an apple. That is my favorite juice combo.

And I love ginger – it gives it a little kick.

Citrus saves me when it comes to juices because I feel like I’m drinking lemonade. It helps to mask some of the veggie flavor.

I don’t even know why I had this in our house. It is so ugly.

I am so glad it is out of my sight.

And don’t worry, I didn’t murder anyone.

The prettiest part of the juice is the foam!

Doesn’t it look like merlot? In that case, I figure why not drink it out of a tumbler?

The juicer I have separates the foam from the juice. Is this normal? Are you not supposed to drink the foam? I’ve never tried.

As long as I get some sweetness, I love juice.

Just beware… the ugly beets stain everything.

The only other thing on my mind today was comfort food. After seeing some discussion on Twitter, I made a big grilled cheese with pickles of the side.

And do you know what else? I like to dip my grilled cheeses in ketchup. As much as I flame Mr. How Sweet for ruining everything with ketchup, I pile a big glob right next to my grilled cheeses and dig in. And I like to dip them in pickle juice too. Are you thoroughly grossed out yet?

Good, then I’ll stop. I won’t tell you what I had for dessert…