I know most of you are wondering what is in those blue boxes.

You can never be disappointed on Christmas morning when you come down to these under your tree!

The first Christmas we were together (not married, just dating), Mr. How Sweet bought me a crystal ornament from Tiffany’s. He has since continued this tradition and now I have these pretty sparklers.

I don’t even remember the order he got them for me anymore.

And I never check the Tiffany’s website because I always want to be surprised at the ornament.

Come and trim my Christmas tree, with some decorations bought at Tiffany’s.

So right about now, you are probably thinking how sweet he is and recalling his fabulous gift giving skills, right? Well, I agree with that, though last night I wanted to cause him bodily harm because his snoring sounds like a bomb explosion… every 30 seconds.

Will I ever get a good night’s sleep again?
On another note, one tree down!

This is the top of the tree… got it at Michael’s a few years ago for less than $4.

Ho, Ho, Ho!