I couldn’t sleep last night because I couldn’t stop thinking about braised short ribs. I had never had them before, but got it in my head that I to have them immediately.

And you know I have zero patience.

So, I searched high and low today and found some boneless beef short ribs for our Sunday dinner. I don’t really have any words, except “why the heck haven’t I been eating these all my life?”

I think Mr. How Sweet wants to get married again.

To me, of course. At least I hope.

[smashed potatoes]

[roasted green beans]

Don’t mind my hideous kitchen lighting.

After dinner, we ate some more of a chocolate sheet cake I had made last night. Note: when you only live with one other person, you probably shouldn’t make a giant sheet cake for the simple reason that you are craving chocolate. Because you will eat half of it with a fork.

Don’t you like how I cut it *perfectly* straight so it didn’t look like I was eating it straight out of the pan?

Mr. How Sweet likes his cake cold, so I brought this out of the fridge.

Then I heated mine up and topped it with ice cream.

And then I bought 3 more pairs of elastic waist pants online.
And now, we are watching TV before rolling each other to bed. Goodnight!