And it sure as heck wasn’t me.

It probably wasn’t Mr. How Sweet either, though I am placing the blame on him since he wanted a big, full meat and potatoes dinner tonight. I was hoping to prepare something lighter in preparation for the feast that will occur at the end of this week, but my man can’t go without his man meals.

Tonight was eerily similar to last Sunday’s dinner:

Crockpot pork with homemade BBQ sauce and tons of shallots, roasted green beans and mashed potatoes… because it is impossible to eat too many mashed taters in one week.

And I had a delicious dessert that I can’t wait to share with you tomorrow. Seriously… it is a sin.

Check out the beautiful November sky we had this evening:

I still can’t believe it is November. This year has just flown by so fast. In the beginning of 2010, I had such high expectations for the year. It ended up being one of the hardest and saddest years of my life, with the sudden death of my grandma and a few other family members, and just other struggles peppered throughout the year.

But as I was driving down the road yesterday, for the first time in so long I just felt utter happiness. Happiness that has now come full circle since I have left my job and am doing what I passionately love.

The rest of the night I did chores I love like starting my grocery lists and my cooking & baking list.

And others, like not cleaning the kitchen, not doing the dishes, and not finishing my laundry that I started 10 hours ago.

Tomorrow, I’m going to start getting out the Christmas decorations for a little more holiday ambiance…

And get ready to put this guy away until next year.

And now I’m going to wrap it up for the evening and cuddle on the couch with Mr. How Sweet. Except he is drooling over Taylor Swift on the AMA’s. Which is kind of creepy, since he is almost old enough to be her dad. Do I need to call Chris Hanson?