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Things started out swimmingly.
I spotted these molten chocolate peanut butter cakes on Food and Wine, and just couldn’t resist. Let’s not mention the fact that I never have made any type of molten cake or soufflé.

Are these even anywhere near a soufflé? I honestly have no idea. They just both usually come in ramekins, and I like to think that my big girl pants are pulled up tight enough to whip up a soufflé.
See? Swimmingly I tell you.

Let’s also not mention the fact that the butter I bought grew legs and ran away. I am not kidding. I swear on Mother Lovett’s blind eyes and deaf ears that I had butter in my fridge this weekend. It disappeared. I have no idea where on God’s green Earth it is, but I’ll tell you where it’s not – in my refrigerator.

Where? What? How? And most importantly… why?!
But anyway… back to the story.

These molten cakes looked like pure heaven. Mini chocolate cakes where peanut butter runneth over?  They sort of brought tears to my eyes.

And as usual, with them being mini and all, that means I could eat multiples. Chocolate + peanut butter + multiples = my ecstasy.  No need for drugs here.
So I assembled said cakes and batter with my own modifications, including less butter. I know. Desperation.

Ha! Less butter…

Who do I think I am? I’m certainly not who I think I am. I think.

I don’t know why I thought my first attempt at a molten cake using my own made-up recipe would work. I mean, who uses less butter? And being self taught, and only really having a grandmother to learn from… a grandmother who had a heart attack while hand-mixing a cake, a grandmother who practically ate lard for breakfast she loved it so much… why, why, why? Why didn’t I just drag my rear end to the grocery store and get more butter?
But you know…

They smelled delicious while they were baking. And even though it is the golden rule (I think, but I’m probably making that up), I peeked inside the oven 6 or 7 times while they were baking because, well… I just can’t help myself. And I had no idea how to tell if they were done. The recipe said cracks on the outsides with a jiggly middle? (First of all, can the recipe writer see me? Are they talking about me?!) My cakes just looked completely jiggly the entire time.
So this is what I got.

A crusty top, a spongy cake, and anything but melted peanut butter oozing out.

Clearly, I baked it too long. I think I need to become more familiar with the word “jiggly.” Oh, and I BARELY USED ANY BUTTER. Because I BARELY USED ANY BUTTER, I also decreased the amount of flour, sugar and eggs. I pretty much just made the entire recipe up. Me = clueless.

What’s a girl to do?

Eat it of course. Like there was ever a doubt in your mind.

If you are in need and someone to eat your failed chocolate and peanut butter recipes, I’m your girl. I could never let such a thing go to waste.

And for the record, it was delicious.

Oh and you want the recipe? You can find that here. I’m sure it would turn out fabulously, as long as you have butter.