Exciting news!

Mr. How Sweet cleaned my stand mixer today. Too bad I didn’t notice until after I started mixing up a batch of cookies. I certainly did a number on it tonight, so maybe he will clean it again for me tomorrow if I behave.

I made a few more cookies tonight: Mother Lovett’s orange cookies (which look nothing like hers always did), oreo balls and red velvet cake balls.

[the perk of red velvet batter… pink dish water]

[I gave these sad oranges a second life when I juiced and zested them for the cookies]

[Mr. How Sweet loves red velvet cake balls. He has been talking about them all year. So I decided to “let” him roll the balls.]


[i want to swim in fresh orange juice glaze]

I’ll show you the finished product tomorrow. I’m currently up to my elbows in chocolate.