After a dentist appointment, a workout, prepping multiple bowls of dough, another workout of shoveling snow, and a massive bakefest, I only managed to get 4 kinds of cookies in the oven.

I just couldn’t bear standing in front of it any longer!

[soft gingersnaps]


[thin and crispy chocolate chip cookies]

[dark chocolate fudge chips]

Oh… and I left some cookies out for Santa.

He had a long day at work.

And then just when I thought I was finished baking… I decided to go for a second, third and fourth round at the snickerdoodles. Since posting the recipe on Saturday, I’ve heard from over 50 of you that have tried it. Some have came out spectacularly, others have failed miserably. I made a double batch this morning and they came out great. But I wanted to attempt to tweak this based on the 1965 recipe and the complaints I’ve gotten. Since the recipe is so old and it doesn’t even say what newspaper it is from, I’m not sure where to begin to find the disconnect. After four tries, I ended up with less flour and more liquid – so I’ve updated/edited the recipe.

And now I don’t even want to see a snickerdoodle again for a very long.