Mr. How Sweet and I went on a little date tonight…

To the best place ever.

This week has been so much fun and so eventful! We actually went out on a school week night for the second time in a week. We headed to Crate and Barrel to check out the sales and pick up a few things that Mr. How Sweet had got me singles of for Christmas.

Like these fun turquoise votive and tealight holders.

I also got these in red and purple. Loving the jewel tones!

And we got some crazy gold charger plates with a few fun-colored plates.

And a few more holiday dazzler plates to accompany the ones Mr. How Sweet gave me for Christmas.

Plus some other randoms.

Then we ended up at Capital Grille again… the second day in a row. Sometimes we don’t step foot in a restaurant for months. This marks the third time we’ve eaten out in a week. In fact, I haven’t cooked dinner once this week.

This is what you end up with when you let Mr. How Sweet order: lobster mac and cheese, filet sliders, parmesan truffle fries and calamari.

All delicious (we especially love the calamari – it’s the best!), but for two people who rarely eat fried food, we are hurting. Well… I’m hurting. Mr. How Sweet is eating chocolate gelato from the carton because he claims he is “cleaning out the freezer.”


If you need me, I’ll be on the treadmill for the next 3 years.