I already shared Mr. How Sweet’s Christmas tradition, and now it’s time to share my Dad’s. He has been doing this for over 20 years!

Each December, my Dad buys poinsettias for our family and close friends. As a little girl, we would pick up the flowers on a Saturday and spend the entire day delivering them to our friends and family. This went on for years! It was so much fun. He always ordered both pink and red, and they have always been gigantic. We would fit as many poinsettias in the car as we could, and would obviously have to do this in batches since they were so large.

This morning I went to get my hair done, and when I returned, this was in my house:

Huge is an understatement. Last year, the poinsettia he got us was so big, that I was sure he’d get us a smaller one this year. He had no idea how big it was until he unwrapped it today.
It is enormous!

Mr. How Sweet and I estimate that it may be over 3 feet WIDE. I had to stand on the dining room table to get a picture, and still couldn’t fit the entire thing. It nearly takes up the entire kitchen floor. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I am so glad he gave us a pink one. I am absolutely obsessed with it. Thanks Dad!

Now where in the world are we going to put it?!