I made a big batch of chunky chili!

Not to eat for dinner. But to eat over the next few days and to freeze. Chili is so much better after it sits. Tonight, we are having beef tenderloin with apricot. But I’m not telling Mr. How Sweet what’s in it until after he’s done eating.

And as usual, I’m out of cumin for the chili. But if I went to the store to get some, it would be my 7th trip there since Sunday. I feel so dirty. And poor.

Want a sneak peek into my Christmas playlist? I know you do. How could you not when I jam out to such hip music?

There is also some N*SYNC and Jessica Simpson in there to quench my inner 16-year old. And if you haven’t been listening to Kristen Chenoweth, you need to start… pronto. It has been my (and Mr. How Sweet’s!) favorite Christmas album for 2 years now.

In case you haven’t heard, we also have bingo on Wednesdays at 2 here in the How Sweet Retirement Home. Be there or be square!