Tonight I decided to (sort of) clean out the fridge, which is something I do about once a year month. I really need to do it more often. It is still somewhat filthy. I apologize.

But I did document the process. Take a peek inside!

[random condiments]

[salad dressing for salads I don’t eat and cranberry juice for Mr. How Sweet’s manly fruity drinks]

[pickles, yeast, olive oil mayo, homemade tomato cream sauce]

[peace of mind]

Now for our crisper drawers… aka where veggies go to die.

[lemons, limes, pomegranates, apples]

[spinach + miscellaneous veggies]

[kale for kale chips]

[pizza supplies. we have homemade pizza once a week]

[leftover chili and BACON]

[egggggs. say it like that]

[bread, sandwich thins, english muffins]

[leftover pot roast that looks disgusting but tastes like heaven, leftover general tsos chicken, sad leftover pasta]

[sauce in a jar (Mr. How Sweet doesn’t know the difference between homemade and what’s on sale), chicken stock, basil, cheese, homemade blue cheese sauce, hummus]

[my favorite tortillas]

[chicken I bought at Trader Joe’s that I didn’t eat. I still hate deli meat.]

[milk and parsley]

[lean ground beef that is currently on the stovetop being transformed into tacos]

[depressed leftover Annie’s mac and cheese]

[frosting so old that I don’t even remember what it is and am afraid to taste it but can’t throw it away]

[buttermilk and eggnog]

[enough cheese to feed a small country]

I also found turkey leftover from Thanksgiving, hard-as-a-rock cream cheese, moldy enchilada sauce, and three-week old shriveled, roasted potatoes. But I decided to spare you those pictures.

If it appears that something is missing, you are right. Mr. How Sweet has five pounds of ground turkey and two pounds of chicken downstairs in the beer fridge. And I have ten pounds of butter. Gotta store it somewhere.

Stay tuned for what’s in our freezer tomorrow!

Now tell me – what’s in your fridge?