Mr. How Sweet is still on the mend. He is doing great, while I on the other hand am a neurotic freak.

But that’s nothing new.

I was so excited when he asked me this afternoon for a dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy. He rarely asks me for anything, except when he asks me to make “healthy cookies” every other week. I love taking care of him.

And FYI: cookies are not supposed to be healthy. Healthy cookies do not taste great. We have learned this after 654 attempts.

So comfort food it was!

I caramelized some chicken in my cast iron skillet. Can I just say that I am obsessed one million times over with my cast iron skillet? It’s true love.

I didn’t think we had enough yukon golds, so I made a mash of yukon golds and sweet potatoes.

This was delicious.

Might make potatoes like this from now on.

And obviously we had corn on the side, because there always seems to be a lack of green veggies in the fridge.

I have no idea why.

Oh yeah… and I even made gravy.

Then topped it all with the gravy goodness. Now I’m in a food coma. Even better, our treadmill broke last night.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, it’s been eons since I shaved my legs because I am petrified of cutting myself and catching Mr. How Sweet’s sickness.

Nothin’ like being brutally honest with a few of my closest blog friends.