The above title should probably read “oh what a day,” but I’ll use any excuse to throw some Jersey Boys lyrics into a post title since they’ve only been in my head for oh… 3 weeks.

Today was not a fun day. Last night, Mr. How Sweet noticed a bump on his leg. This morning, he was in major pain which eventually transformed into him barely being able to walk. A trip to the doctor’s revealed that he most likely had a staph infection, which led to lots of cutting and other terrible, unpleasant things. I’m definitely sparing you the gorey details, but I think this is what it means when you say ‘for better or for worse.’

[Side note: the Dr. bore an unreal resemblance to McSteamy. This made things much easier… for me.]

So we got sent home with these.

And then I had a major freakout. Because how can the cleanest man in the word get something like this? This is a guy who insists on showering before he works out, often showering three times a day. If he simply tries on a piece of clothing, it goes into the wash, along with everything else even if he only had it on for 5 minutes. We get in arguments over his Type A cleanliness. He is extremely OCD about being clean and sanitary. If he gets this, I am most certainly screwed. Why?!

I spent the rest of the day with this new friend.

I’ve cleaned things in this house I didn’t even know we owned. I’ve done more loads of laundry today than I’ve done since we’ve been married and I’ve scrubbed everything from light switches down to Mr. How Sweet’s Louis Vuitton wallet. He’s going to be just thrilled with that when he wakes up.

I definitely think tonight calls for some of these.

I’m most likely going to be up all night making sure Mr. How Sweet survives since I’m a whacked out freak, but on a positive note, tomorrow morning you will find out what I did with all of that salted caramel!