I think I say this every time, but if it was possible for me to live in a store, it would have to be Trader Joe’s. Okay… and Sur La Table. I would have everything I needed!

(Except stilettos.)
I ended up at Trader Joe’s this morning after a breakfast out. I rarely go out to breakfast, so this was fun! I met up with Caitlin who came back to Pittsburgh to visit from Texas, and Abby. It was almost one year to the day that we met at the same place for the first time.
For the first time ever, my Trader Joe’s bag handles ripped. It is always my biggest fear.

Luckily they waited to break until I made it inside.
Here are some of the goods!

Love these sweet potatoes so much.
Random produce.

Any vegetable whose flavor resembles that of candy is alright by me.
An addiction.

We’ve been craving these chips since having them a few weeks ago.

Love these! They remind me of Fruit Roll-Ups, which I used to be obsessed with.

They make perfect snacks.
Speaking of snacks…

All time favorite hummus in the world.

I consider this a small victory, only coming home with one type of cheese.

It’s unusual.
I also caved and finally bought this.

Been dreaming of it since November.
And I’m super excited to try this mustard.

I adore mustard. I hoard as many kinds as possible.
Abby bought these fruit jellies to fuel herself on her run. I succumbed to jealousy and peer pressure and bought them too.

They are delicious!

As I type this, Abby is probably eating one on her 8 mile run. I’m just… eating one while sitting here.
Some boring bread.

Favorite fruit staples.

And of course, some orange chicken for Mr. How Sweet to “snack” on.

Four bags of “snacks” that will last about six days. Seems about right.
What’s on your grocery list this week?