So this awesome blogger, Julie, has started a cooking challenge and guess what it is?

She is making a recipe from How Sweet It Is everyday for a year! She has been a great supporter of my blog for months, so if you are looking for extra reviews of some of the recipes, her site can help you out. I am confident she will only give 100% honest reviews. I’m so honored! Oh, and I sort of think this is funny since I develop recipes while laying in bed at night, while on the elliptical, and while ignoring vegetables. And I cook while wearing sweatpants from high school.

Moving right along…

Do you want to see the gluttony that occurred in my kitchen this afternoon? I made TWO batches of Better Than Crack Brownies and one large batch of chocolate chip cookies. I think I gained eighteen pounds. Fortunately (unfortunately?) everything is leaving this house tomorrow morning.

Butter and sugar only. Aka, my life elixir.


I clearly didn’t clean as I went. Does that make sense?

But I certainly practiced quality control like it was my job.

And I’ll leave you with that.