1. When the brownies exploded in the oven, I opened the over door and just stared in disbelief. Then I facebooked. And tweeted. And took pictures. And prayed it would just go away. I’m everything that I hate about my generation.

I peeked inside the oven about 16 times, just making sure it was still there. I thought maybe the cleaning fairy had taken care of it for me. I thought willing it to go away would work. FYI: this doesn’t happen in real life. I’ve come to the conclusion that stepping away from the situation prevented a massive meltdown.

Maybe I’m a grown up now?

2. I’m obsessed with hot pink. So much so that I think I permanently discolored my fingers (now hot pink) for a recipe you will see later this week. I have a pink mixer, pink measuring cups, spoons and bowls … and even put a pink tissue box in Mr. How Sweet’s bathroom. If you remember our wedding photos, you surely know I love pink. It looked like someone upchucked pink immediately before the reception.

But… my favorite color is still black.

3. Speaking of weddings, Jenna reminded me this past weekend about our cookie room. How does one forget that? I’m really getting old. And I want to have another wedding just for the cookie room. Not that I remember eating any.

And yes, that’s Mother Lovett, intensely deciding which cookie to eat while touching every single one and claiming, “Eh! None of these are as pretty as mine.” If you were at the wedding, you most likely ate a cookie fingered by Mother Lovett. Sorry.

4. And while we’re on the topic of Mother Lovett, do you know what baffled me most of all? She buttered her crackers. And no, we’re not talking whole wheat Wasa crackers. Pretty sure those didn’t exist back in the day. And by ‘back in the day,’ I mean the year of 1993. Because 1993 has been etched in my memory as the year I walked into her kitchen and watched her slather butter on a stack of Ritz crackers. Then she dipped them in cheese soup.

I have no idea where I came from.

5. Since we are still mid-wedding chat, did I ever mention that the limo took a detour to the beer distributor before the reception? Yes, immediately following the ceremony. The boys must have mistook that case of beer for water. And really, the 10 minute drive from the church to the venue was just a little too long. Who wins best driver of 2008? The guy who managed to back up a stretch 20-seater, bigger-than-a-Hummer limo down a one way alley and into a free parking spot.

6. I sort of like some vegetables now. Like… mushrooms. Sauteed. In lots and lots of butter. With salt. And cheese. And maybe even broccoli?

7. Just kidding! Not broccoli. Not ever. Blech! I’d rather eat a shoe.