1. I’ll pay someone one thousand dollars to show up at my doorstop in five minutes with these. I’m not even joking.

2.  I don’t love Nutella. I mean… it’s okay. But I don’t love it/crave it/go crazy over it like many people do. Now that I think about it, this is probably how many people feel about my obsession with bacon. Hmmpf.

Well, I still think all of the wild Nutella creations look delicious. I probably would eat them if they were placed in front of me. But until they appear, I’ll gladly continue my jar-a-week habit of my other favorite chocolate nut butter. And if I’m being honest, White Chocolate Wonderful is really my favorite.

3. I had the most delicious casserole ever yesterday. I sort of felt like I was having a heart attack afterwards, but it was totally worth it. So worth it, that I am making the recipe so I can share it with all of you. And I selfishly want to eat it again.

4. I’m so grateful to all of you vegans and vegetarians who visit my blog everyday and see bacon post after bacon post with bacon drippings and bacon overload. It means so much to me! Now really, can you all come over here and make me like veggies? I’m thinking it will take four of you to hold me down, two of you to hold my mouth open, and a few more to shove greens down my throat. It might work.