it’s been far too long since i had a mojito.

i’d eat vegetables everyday if bacon grew on trees.

i didn’t make that up, it’s from a t-shirt.

a t-shirt i need, apparently.

it’s teeeeeeee-shirt time!

the wonderful liz sent me something so decadent and perfect that i may die.

she even sent “his and her” bags, but i think we know they will all end up in “her” stomach.

why don’t i have one of these everyday?

is mr. how sweet going to start cooking now?

that’s probably wishful thinking.

i wish the dishes put themselves away.

i wish the laundry folded itself.

i wish i did laundry, period.

i got another package today.

naomi is the best.

she sent me tons of sprinkles and cupcakes!

how do you guys know me so well?

i’m in need of a new pair of shoes.

but i’m really not.

i wish it was summer.

but i really hate to be hot.

thursday is my favorite day of the week.

and why can’t james taylor sing me to sleep every night?