When it came time to choose a song for the first dance at our wedding, I had more than enough ideas in mind. Considering my daily tunes are songs sung by James Taylor, Michael Buble, Kenny G, Kenny Loggins (I like the Kenny’s), Barry Manilow, Better Midler, Rod Stewart and Luther Vandross, it’s not like the pickings were slim. (I’m a dork.) But we wanted something that wasn’t your typical wedding song, something slightly upbeat; a song that had words that we could actually relate to.

I don’t even remember how I came across it, but the minute I heard Taylor Dayne’s “I’ll Always Love You,” I was sold. Sure, my first though was how I rocked out to it on my pink and purple Pocket Rocker with my permed hair. But I put it on my iPod and plugged it in to Mr. How Sweet’s car that night when he picked me up, and upon hearing it, he teared up a little! Quite humorous, especially if you visualize the video in all of it’s 80’s glory.

There really couldn’t be a better song for us, especially since I was surely born a few decades too late and, well… Mr. How Sweet was born a decade before me. (He’s old.) We had somehow lost the song from our iPod’s, but Mr. How Sweet downloaded it two weeks ago while I was cooking dinner and we danced like we are 70 years old. (Because secretly we are.)


I absolutely love this song and get so excited every time I hear it. What song was playing (or will be, would you like to be) during your first dance?