1. I want to have pancakes for dinner, but am still having a terrible time deciding which ones. They have to be extra special since it’s National Pancake Day. And it’s the perfect excuse to eat an obscene amount of sugar for dinner. Which would you choose?

2. Remember when I told you about Julie, who is cooking a recipe from How Sweet It Is everyday for one year? She is still going strong and wrote a recap of the first month. She rocks.

3.  I had the best sandwich ever for lunch. I don’t consider myself a sandwich person, but I still had a ton of that whole grain bread to use. My sandwich had turkey, avocado, hummus, tomato, sweet and hot honey mustard and sauteed mushrooms. Oh, and 3 chips. Yes, 3 chips. I always used to put chips on my sandwich on Sunday afternoons at Mother Lovett’s house. Retro!

4. I do not suggest watching Castaway two days before you go on a plane ride. I did this once, and it was horrifying. I was reminded of this last evening since Castaway was on HBO. Then I had a dream last night that I was screaming “Wilson!” while laying on the beach mid-photo shoot like they did on The Bachelor a few weeks ago. Except I didn’t look like them. Seriously.

5. On Sunday, I watched Mr. How Sweet grill a burger, top it with cheese, and then top it with turkey. Like, deli turkey. Applegate Farms Organics to be exact. Multiple slices. I just stared at him. Why?!

6. This is my Tuesday treat.

And my Monday treat, my Sunday treat, my Friday treat…