We had some really wacky weather yesterday. I have never seen hail this size!

Then later in the night, it looked like this.



Since it was my last evening of being a single girl (Mr. How Sweet was away on business), I wanted to make something that I knew he wouldn’t eat. I’ve been dying to try pasta carbonara for some time now, but have hesitated making it because I knew I’d have to add meat so my other half would be happy. I don’t doubt that it would still be delicious with chicken, but I wanted the traditional, authentic experience. My Twitter friends confirmed that I’d love it.

And love it I did. I don’t even really have words.


But I do have one question: why in the world did I wait so long? Oh, and I’m also curious about something else: for someone who isn’t Italian whatsoever, and who has disliked Italian food her entire life… I sure am cooking a lot of it lately.

After my dinner, I watched It’s Complicated for the 8000th time. I love that movie. I want to live inside that movie. Somewhere on a plane, Mr. How Sweet is rolling his eyes.