I have a little Trader Joe’s problem. Let’s just call it an obsession.

I took a little poll on Twitter and Facebook asking if you’d still like to see my Trader Joe’s grocery runs, and the answer was a resounding “yes.” I assume this is because the rest of my life is such a complete snoozefest. It is true that going to Trader Joe’s is about as exciting as it gets here.


Since I only go about once a month, I loaded up as usual. That guy I live with is constantly moaning that we “have no food” or we “don’t have anything for dinner” or we “have a packed fridge but nothing to eat.” If he says that at all this week, he is absolutely out of his mind.


These are Mr. How Sweet’s breakfast staples.

The pitas are for me. And me only.


I don’t know how these got in my cart.

Someone must have dropped them in there by accident without me noticing…




My favorite on-the-go snack.


Mr. How Sweet’s snacks.

Yes. I said snacks. This is what he eats as a snack.


So excited to find the new Fage flavors!

I’ve been eating Fage since my fitness competing days and looooove it. It is my favorite brand of Greek yogurt.


Boring fruit.


Baking necessities.


A chicken I’m going to roast.


Some canned goods, because the thought of making my own sauce puts me into hysterics.


Ugly vegetables.

Except the herbs. I like herbs. Herbs are my friends.


More snackity snacks.


Cheese obsessed much?


This hummus still reigns supreme over the ones I got last time.


Exciting stuff for lunches.


I don’t know how these ended up in my cart either.

Or why they are open.


Same with these.

Let’s just say I succumb to peer pressure. Often.




And some grape tomatoes.

I have big plans for these tomatoes that include a boatload of sea salt and some syrupy balsamic.


I also got some of these Trader Joe’s O’s.

I highly advise against going to Trader Joe’s when hungry. I impulsively bought a can of these O’s, and immediately came home and had a small bowl of them with some kale chips. For only 99 cents, it was delicious… but this is coming from someone who has never eaten Chef Boyardee.


I got a few other random (but boring) items and even managed to forget some. As usual. Not only do I act like a granny, but I have the somewhat senile mind of one too. Have a great Monday!