I have a chocolate chip cookie hangover.

I ate an entire avocado. It was delicious. Probably doesn’t help the hangover.

I actually did some cleaning, in attempts to ward off a similar disaster that I experienced last week.

I didn’t do any laundry. Typical.

I did this leg workout. Ouch.

I laughed about watching Mr. How Sweet do a workout video yesterday. Hysterical.

I still can’t decided what I’m making for dinner. What are you having?

I learned that I really need to take my camera with me because all I have are photos of food.

Is my grandpa’s birthday!

Isn’t he cute?! Doesn’t look a day over 25, right? He is such a wonderful man, and he and my grandma set such a fabulous example of love and compassion for all of us to follow. Can you leave him some birthday love below? Happy birthday Grandpa!