I was up bright and early this morning to prep some food for the coming week. Unfortunately Mr. How Sweet can’t go on vacation with us; I can work from anywhere, but he can’t leave this week. I feel so bad that he can’t come so I threw together some quick freezer meals that he can eat all week for lunches and dinners.

Chicken enchiladas.


Crispy Buffalo Chicken Fingers.


Bite Sized Baked Meatballs… that aren’t so bite sized. I was lacking the main ingredient: patience.

Total man food.


On another note, thank you all so much for your wonderful comments on Winnie! I saw her last night and she seems to be getting back to herself and is currently 50+ hours seizure free. She normally stays on a big farm with a friend when we go away, that way she can run around and play with other dogs and not be stuck in a cage all day. But since she is under instructions not to exert herself, my parents are going to stay with her for a few days extra to make sure she is okay, then join us later.

What are you doing on this lovely Saturday?