1. My kitchen is as messy as it’s ever been. Seriously. I tried to clean as I go (went?) and it did nothing but cause me to make more of a mess.


2. But look! I made something green today.

It’s totally not what you think. Including zucchini bread or cake or any other vegetable treat that you people try to pass off as dessert.


3. Because of this I want a cupcake. And a milkshake. Maybe just a cupcake milkshake?


4. We all know I have a massive shoe obsession. I sort of want these to wear… somewhere. And I will pay someone to wear these. Holy creepers. Oh! And these. I promise you’ll look hot. [Shhhh.] P.S. I want these too.


5. It’s not like I sit around on Pinterest all day looking up shoes or anything so STOP JUDGING ME!


6. Pretty sure I’m the only one in the universe who still isn’t over the Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey break up. I’m not even joking. Okay I take that back… I know my friend Cindy isn’t over it either.


7. I seriously can not stop drinking these. They taste like sweet summer and I forget that there is tequila in them and I drink two and then I… can’t do anything.


8. If you blog, then you know what it’s like to have blog crushes. Totally normal and awesome to creepily love someone across the computer screen. My current blog crushes are Katie and Chelsey. I have absolutely nothing in common with either of them (okay, I miiiight be exaggerating a little) but I still love them all the same. If you don’t blog, then feel free to go tell everyone you know how weird I am.


9. Since I’ve got nothing exciting for you today, here’s Bella.

And yes, I still want to eat her face off.