1. This was my grocery list this morning and I am not even joking.


2. I spent about an hour cleaning out our fridge this afternoon and all I have to say is… yikes. I found some pumpkin spice frosting from Fall of 2010, smooshed in one of Mother Lovett’s old tupperware containers labeled “orange icing.” It was almost as good as the time in 2004 that my cousin and I found soy sauce in her pantry that expired in 1987. Or not.


3. The only way I got through the above is by jamming out to old-school Mariah Carey. Which brings us to the most important question of the day: 1990s Mariah or 1990s Whitney? I think I have to go with Whitney, mainly because I had a huge obsession with The Bodyguard which culminated when my 8th grade boyfriend played “I Will Always Love You” on his electronic keyboard for me. Over the phone. We’d been “going together” for 2 days.


4. Apparently I’m the only one on the East Coast who didn’t feel the earthquake THAT NO ONE CAN STOP TALKING ABOUT. I’m pretty sure that’s because the house was shaking anyway because of said Mariah music on blast. This sums that up completely.


5. Is anyone else insanely excited for this?


6. Instead of going to the gym last Friday, I spent two hours of my life pinning things like this.


7. Bella does yoga.

She’s better than me. And maybe even you! I hear fluffiness helps.