1. I definitely still make up dances in my head to popular songs (like this one)… and I want to teach people my dances. Like we’re 8 years old again. I figured it was time to come clean.


2. The new cast of Dancing with the Starts makes me want to bash my head against a wall. Really because I just want to see George Clooney shake his hips. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?! Except I’m sort of giddy that Kristen Cavallari is on because the only thing better than The Hills is reruns of Laguna Beach.


3. My mom made this decadent cinnamon roll cake over the weekend with the creamiest frosting ever. Even after it overflowed in her oven it still tasted like heaven. I know you want the recipe, but it’s totally from a box. Mmmm. It’s taken all my restraint to not go over there and smash my face directly into it.


4. I didn’t watch the VMAs in real time since I’m a Sunday night HBO slave, but as I started to watch the replay afterwards, I saw some guy singing and grooving and stuff at the beginning… and all I could think was… why don’t I know who this is? Am I that out of touch with my generation? I’ve seriously never heard anything about this guy and he is opening the VMAs? How do I not recognize this guy? I think this song should probably be on my iPod for the elliptical. Man I really am a dork. Who IS this?


5. I’m not even joking about the above. And what’s worse is that I didn’t even figure it out until noon yesterday.


6. Token Bella shot.

Still completely edible.