I wish I was joking when I say that going to Trader Joe’s is the highlight of my day.

I’m not.



But! I haven’t done a normal grocery shop there in awhile… and this time I did. This is probably as close as you’ll get to seeing what a weekly shop looks like in our house. Except I still end up at the store almost every single day because I succeed greatly at forgetting things.


Got these new sweet potato chips as a snack. Haven’t tried them yet. Can’t wait.


Some pasta stuff for dinners.


Green stuff that I have perfectly good intentions for but that will probably end up dying in my crisper drawer. I love the mushrooms, I like to flavor things with leeks, the spinach is for juicing and the brussels? Stop looking at me that way. You may remember last year when I tried brussels sprouts for the first time and LOVED THEM. so.freaking.weird. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow.

Vanilla, garlic and pumpkin pancake stuff. I have no clue why I found it appropriate to set those three things together.


I went with some regular hummus this time over my usual favorite of white bean hummus… and some goat cheese. The hummus is already half gone.


This chocolate coconut water which I have been loving for weeks. I think all other coconut water tastes like wet garbage, but this I love.


Got these granola bars for Mr. How Sweet in hopes of him consuming them over his protein bars. Won’t happen. I’m sure of it.


A lovely chicken that I roasted last night. Tell you more about that later too.


Some staples… plus some onions, russet potatoes and sweet potatoes that I forgot to snap.


An eye-hurting picture of our favorite snack.


Poms and honeycrisps… I wait all year for pomegranates!



What’s the best thing you’ve discovered at the grocery store lately?