1. I really hate myself for watching (and enjoying… cough cough) Dirty Soap. Ugh.


2. And speaking of TV, I currently have Hey Dude on my DVR. Was Nickelodeon TV/acting seriously that awful back in the day?


3. You must make these for dinner asap. I made them last week, alongside a roasted chicken, green beans and some carrots swimming in 3 different kinds of sugar. Fabulous.


4. My love for Dunkin’ Donuts iced pumpkin lattes is becoming a serious problem. I know… I blabber all the time how I don’t love coffee (just tried homemade cold-brewed iced coffee this morning… barf) but this is sooooo good. I literally want one every single day. It is light years better than Starbucks. Does that even make sense? Oh well. I don’t care. I’m trying to limit myself to 1-2 per week. What a joke.


5. I keep watching horrific scary movies because I feel like scaring the crap out of myself. Then I can’t fall asleep until my eyelids are literally drooping and I have terrible dreams. And then I do it all over again like it’s a sick game.


6. This really happened to me yesterday.


7.  Then this morning, I woke up frantic that I still needed to take out the trash since it was Wednesday. I gathered everything and started to take it out, and noticed that no one else had set their trash out yet. First I figured everyone else had forgot. Then I spazzed assuming they had come super early, I slept through it, and now had to have bags of rotting scraps and food sit around for a week. Then I remembered it was Tuesday.


8. No, I am not a) pregnant, b) drunk, or c) overworked. I’m just d) an idiot.


9. However, I seriously wonder what sales associates secretly think of me when I take 3 different, extremely uncoordinating placemats to the register, along with 2 other different colored napkins, one bowl, two different shaped plates, 1 fork, a spatula and a funky shaped spoon. They probably assume I’m just e) insane and f) a hoarder.


10. While I won’t decorate until after Thanksgiving, I tried listening to Christmas music yesterday (because, uh… who listens to Halloween music?) and it just felt… wrong. Probably because I’m still SO OBSESSED with this time of year.


11. I am doing anything and everything at this moment to avoid cleaning the kitchen. Like trying to come up with pointless extra bullet points for Tuesday Things.


12. Okay. I’m done.