1. I have been dying over this fabulous brie allll day long. I already added it to my things-to-make for Thanksgiving, but can hardly wait until then. I might eat cheese for dinner tonight.


2. I impulsively bought this malt vinegar sea salt over the weekend. Then on Sunday, I drizzled some white truffle oil over popcorn and sprinkled it with the salt. I have always been a giant fan of salt n’ vinegar anything, so it seemed like a wise idea. It was. I also didn’t tell Mr. How Sweet what was on the popcorn, but that’s only because he “claims” to not like the taste of plain vinegar. I figured he meant that in the same sense as him not liking coconut or not liking ricotta cheese (which I hide in everything anyway). So he tasted it. He almost threw up. It was hilarious. Then I ate the popcorn.

3. Want to waste time? Download the 7 Little Words app. It will make you feel incredibly stupid and the hours fly by at the same time. You’re welcome.


4. I can’t stop listening to the new Michael Buble holiday album and I don’t care what you think of me.


5. Since we are entering the season of frigid temps, this gloss is permanently on my lips. Freaking love it.


6. Pinterest is still sucking the life out of me, and my bank account too. I need these. I also have no idea where my time goes. Because I’m pretty sure it has nothing to do with Pinterest or #3.


7. Speaking of that, I’ve always been obsessed with winter white… everything. NOT HELPING. Gahhh… pinterest knows everything.


8. I’m wondering how everyone will feel if I’m Jem for Halloween again. I was only her for like… 10 straight years of my childhood life. I’d also like to make these apples for the party I’m not having slash not invited to.


9. Hey, remember when my computer wasn’t as slow as molasses and didn’t take SEVENTY FIVE minutes to post a dumb Tuesday Things post? What do you love more – your Macbook Pro of your Macbook Air? Hellllp.