1. OMG! OMG OMG OMG! It snowed last weekend! In October! OMG! Did you know it snowed? There is snow EVERYWHERE! Like, an entire INCH! OMGGGGGGGGGG!

Yeah. How you feel? That’s how I felt every time I opened up any form of social media. I might have participated by posting a picture. Fail.


2. I’m so happy it’s November 1st, because I can blast Barry Manilow and Manhattan Transfer Christmas music without seeming like a jerk. Now I just seem like I’ve aged 30 years overnight.


3. I made the most delicious lightened-up sweet potato casserole and I don’t even like sweet potato casserole. Well, I do. But I don’t. I just don’t go for it on Thanksgiving because I’m in the “OMG give me turkey but give me more gravy but put stuffing on top and oh don’t forget five scoops of mashed potatoes” mindset. Any other day, like uh… today, I’m all over it. And I was.


4. Okay. I get Traverse Magazine because I’m so obsessed with Northern Michigan, and this month’s issue is dedicated to mac and cheese. SO basically, it was dedicated to ME. I am DYING to make the cover recipe, which is mac and cheese spread in a baking dish, refrigerated overnight, then cut into cubes, FRIED, and covered with more cheese sauce. Oh, and like… some greens or something to make it look healthier. Kill me now.


5. I know I say it all the time but I don’t even care… I really, really, really, really, seriously need someone to come clean my kitchen. It never gets easier and it never gets fun. It’s going to drive me to drink. Oh wait… that may be fun.


6. Um, I still love Pinterest but I signed on today and saw people pinning “disgusting accidents.” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? What the heck is wrong with people? No. Are you kidding me? Barf.


7. I am so in love with pomegranates that I want to marry them.



8. Here’s Bella face. Chewing on… something. Probably one of my shoes.*

9. *Not really. Just sayin’ that so I can buy a new pair.