1. Daylight Savings is killing me. I think I get about .3 seconds of light in our house everyday. Save me!

2. Trader Joe’s finally has their own coconut oil… this made my weekend.

3. My weekends are sad. Oh! But I did eat thai food and frozen yogurt. Winning.

4. Yes, this means I went to Trader Joe’s and didn’t tell you about it. Wah! I know.

5. And speaking of making days, Marcel the Shell has a NEW video! I might have watched it 34 times since this morning.

6. One time I went to a hotel and guess what the bed was? A muffin. See #5 before you punch me in the face.

7. I kindasortamaybe want these shoes. STOP YELLING AT ME!

8. I also bought some of these salt sets to give as Christmas gifts. But then I accidentally used one in our pasta Sunday night. Crap.

9. I made these mini chocolate donuts on Sunday too. Cute enough to eat!

10. Please tell me you’ve seen these cookie candy cup stuffer thingamajigs. what.the.heck.

11. I need to go to the dentist.

12. After years of Mr. How Sweet dodging my DVR-ed ABC Thursday night TV, he accidentally stayed in the room a few weeks ago as I was watching Private Practice. Now SOMEONE is hooked on Amelia’s downward drug spiral and it isn’t me…

13. Bears like beets. Fact.