1. Last night my entire family went bowling and this was like the first time I’ve been bowling in probably, uh… 20 years. I am just fantastic. You should see me. I got a 44 for my first game, then a 38 for my second. Everyone REALLY wants to take me bowling again.

2. I got Mr. How Sweet lots of nice stuff for Christmas, and it turns out the only thing he really loves is the cheap remote control helicopter I gave him. It has saved my life. Like now I can scream, “go play with your helicopter!!!”

3. He got me lots of nice stuff for Christmas, but I still didn’t find a maid in my stocking. So he is currently upstairs cleaning the bathroom on his Christmas vacation.

4. Even though he didn’t get me the maid, he did get me the iPad 2… so tell me wise friends: which apps should I download? If there is one thing I succeed at it is spending money.

5. It’s definitely not bowling.

6. Oh and one more holiday related item: I stuffed his stocking with beef jerky, beef stick, Bone Suckin’ seasoning and… pumice stones. I swear he’s a man.

7. I have eaten out or eaten dinner at someone else’s house seven out of the last eight days. It has been GLORIOUS.

8. I have 8 billion cookies in my house. Please come over.

9. I want to make something delicious for New Years Eve but I have no idea what and I don’t go out because I’m secretly 95 years old and will probably fall asleep by 11:37 anyway. What should I make?

10. I can’t stop staring at this picture of Bella and I legitimately want to eat her face off.

11. Now that I’ve made this all about me, tell me what your goals are for 2012! I love goals. Goals schmoals. (<- it just sounded good.)