This blood orange smoothie.

This TJ’s tricolor quinoa.

We’ve loved quinoa for years, but this makes it 800 times more fun to eat.

The pinto beans and bacon bubbling away on my stove. OMG.

This chicken. !!!

This chocolate that has magic powers since it somehow jumped into my grocery cart.

Not as good as my fave Lindt sea salt chocolate, but still fab.

Avocado toasts. They will never, ever, ever get old. Ever ever.

The way I’m still wasting my life away on Pinterest.

This face scrub.

I’ve used Yes to Carrots daily moisturizer as my daytime face :stuff: for years, but just recently picked up the scrub. It is so gentle yet really cleansing at the same time. Lovey dovey.

My spur-of-the-moment lunch today.

When Bella sits pretty.



This raw chocolate milk.

The fact that I’m almost through Dexter which means I can finally regain my productive life back.

This blog. As usual.

Anything that Rachel writes. Really. Anything.


I wasn’t joking when I said earlier in the week that I literally thought my lips were going to fall off. I was three steps away from Urgent Care when my screwy combo of Neosporin cream topped with Aquaphor 8 times a day started to kick in. These are the only things that have been soothing when I don’t have that combo.

Annnnnd the fact that tonight’s dinner basically REQUIRES me to have a margarita. Or at least a tequila shot.