1. Over the weekend I finally saw Crazy Stupid Love and let’s just say… why do I not live inside that movie?

2. Oddly enough, the day before I watched Dirty Dancing because it’s my favorite movie EVER. Ever ever ever. Patrick Swayze was truly my first crush and when I was 7 years old I used to make my mom “practice” the lifts with me. When she wasn’t around or was busy, I’d use the arm of the couch to hoist myself up.

3. If Ryan Gosling ever tried his big Dirty Dancing move on me I’d probably have a stroke.

4. Even though it’s been on my workout playlist for months, the Kia commercial with the rats or gerbils or hamsters or whatever the heck kind of rodents they are reignited my love for Party Rock Anthem. Those commercials make me stupidly happy.

5. Last week while shopping for after-Christmas sales, we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory and both order items off of their Skinnylicious menu. It was soooo good and didn’t force me into a food coma so I was still able to spend money on things I don’t need. Oh but Mr. How Sweet had to order a plate of chicken fingers after he ate his meal. Wish I was lying.

6. On Saturday morning I had a RED VELVE LATTE. Yes.

7. Am I the only one sort of devastated by the Katy Perry divorce? Prob. I will never learn. I mean, Jessica and Nick were the worst.

8. I’m just in love with this idea of pineapple sugarcane water. I want!

9. I’m currently attempting to reorganize my pins, especially when it comes to food. 644 left to go! Joy. Don’t I use my time wisely? I thought so.

10. Do you think my driveway will shovel itself? I’m willing it to. Like using osmosis or something. Wait, that’s not it. ESP! I’m sending the driveway ESP vibes.

11. I’m a hot mess at the moment. Minus the hot.

12. Oooh but I’m roasting a chicken tonight!