1. Yesterday I… “stumbled” upon an old old old OLD school episode of 90210 (like maybe one of the first?) and while I couldn’t even get over how horrific the acting was (except for you Dylan, I’m still love you) all I really thought was… I want to wear Kelly Taylor’s brown suede jacket that has 6 pounds of fringe hanging from it.

2. Thursday night I made us copycat Chipotle bowls inspired by Mara, which made my entire week worth living.

3. I’d like to tell you to do the same, or even that I can’t wait to do it again… however the entire prep took me nearly 2 hours and made me want to yank my hair out and while it was super super super delicious, I think I’ll stick to driving to the nearest location and spending $10.

4. Ooooh but then I can’t have bottomless blue corn chips. Rats. Decisions decisions.

5. We’ve moved on from Dexter (since uh, someone watched 72 hours of it in like 2 weeks) and now have watched Homeland, which we really love… but but but – before you recommend all these crazy smart people shows, I must tell you that this type of stuff is soooo not my kind of TV. I mean, I read only chick lit and am obsessed with glitter and see no problem in buying $500 shoes and should own stock in Sephora. However, I definitely had 2 dreams this week that I’m being interrogated by the CIA. What does this all MEAN?!

6. Maybe I’m growing up?

7. Probably not. At all.

8. Know what I currently can’t get enough of? Grapefruit. Well… brownies. But also… grapefruit. I’ve loved them since I was a kid and go through huge grapefruit binges every winter, until sometime in April when I pick one up and it tastes like vinegar and acid swished together, to which I dramatically spit it out and claim “I’M NEVER EATING GRAPEFRUIT AGAIN!!!”

9. But I’m really not dramatic at all.

10. Our weather today is so gorgeous that I want to eat it. Like literally swallow it up. After chewing of course.

11. OHMYGOSH don’t you just want to smash your face into this picture of Bella? I can’t even stand it.