1. The NASCAR gods were not on my side this weekend… after teasing me with a cancelled race on Sunday and the promise of a race on Monday while my husband was at work so it could only be DVRed… it just had to be on last night. I was in NASCAR jail, where bedtime is at 8:46PM. Fine by me.

2. I’m pretty sure the new Martha Stewart line at Staples will be the death to all notebook/pencil/office supply loving freaks out there… especially me.

3. Apparently it’s national pancake day, but I thought that one day last week was national pancake day? I can’t get this stuff straight so why don’t all these people who make all these national days up just get together and straighten it out. I’M SO UNEASY.

4. You know that picture of the grilled sandwich I posted on Sunday? Yeeeeeeeeaaah that would be a grilled chocolate cheddar cheese.

5. Yes. I’m serious.

6. It’s the chocolate cheddar cheese from Trader Joe’s and after buying it a few weeks ago, the cashier told me that I MUST make a chocolate cheddar grilled cheese. So I went home and did just that. Immediately. I’ve never been good at following instructions but for some reason this time I did. Shocking.

7. You know how I have all sorts of weirdo obsessions for someone in their 20s, like James Taylor and Kenny Loggins and other stuff like that? I also have a weird obsession with Meryl Streep in that I want her to be my BEST FRIEND. I know it’s all It’s Complicated’s fault.

8. That vodka-laced marshmallow fluff milkshake I had this weekend? I’ve been dreaming of it ever since. This is not fair.

9. I really want to throw a big leap year party tomorrow buuuuuut I don’t have enough friends.

10. Who has tried the birthday cake oreos? I have resisted buying them because I have enough dessert in this house without needing a package full of oreos. But I desperately want to buy them just to make these.

11. My house is currently being overtaken by magazines. I have a serious problem. Save my soul.

12. Wait. I’m going to save myself and go buy the oreos right now. I can’t take it anymore.