1. Last Tuesday I spent the day with Ashley, and she introduced me to Jeni’s ice cream. Ice cream has never been my go-to treat, but now? I’m totally screwed. This stuff was so incredible that the next day I drove 45 minutes out of my way during rush hour to pick some up. I can’t even take it.

2. Oh… and I bought the cookbook and have made three ice creams since. See? Screwed. I even made a cupcake inspired by my ice cream choice. More on that lata.

3. While I was visiting, Ashley made me a fabulous lunch of a baked sweet potato topped with roasted portobellos, the gooeyest swiss cheese and an egg. I’ve eaten this four times since. That is HUGE.

4. On my adventurous ice cream trek, I found some of the new Ben & Jerry’s frozen Greek yogurt. I brought it home so my husband could have an after-dinner treat because he really, really – and I mean REALLY – loves all things ice cream. While I cleaned up the kitchen he found the pint in the freezer then proceeded to EAT THE ENTIRE THING while sitting on the couch.

5. Because I’m predictable, a complete cliche and an open book, you can imagine that this is the most beautiful cake I’ve ever laid eyes on. I.love.sprinkles. I’m also FREAKING out over this black and white angel food cake. Takes it to the next level.

6. Something we did this weekend: On Saturday we went to peace, love and little donuts where I inhaled some of the most delicious donuts I’ve ever tasted. Since they are bite size… you get to eat more. My mind is quite rational.

7. After that, Mr. How Sweet ate a steak and cheese sub, half of a pepperoni roll and an entire order of general tso’s chicken all within 1.5 hours. I am not even joking.

8. Will this man’s metabolism ever slow down? That’s a serious question by the way.

9. Speaking of donuts, I made these peanut butter cup donuts on Friday for a little post-lobster mac dessert. Five of us ate 18 donuts by 11PM. A few days ago I wasn’t even INTO donuts. I can say with certainty that I’ve turned a corner.

10. Another thing we did this weekend: dyed eggs. This is one of my favorite things to do. So nostalgic. So bright! So vinegary. I love vinegar. It’s an odd quality to possess.

11. As horrified as I am to admit this, I am dying to go see American Reunion. Well, I’m not really horrified at all. Someone come with me?

12. About an hour ago my husband walked in the door with a bag stuffed to the brim from Anthropologie. Heeeee’s a keeper. Most of the time.

13. As you can tell, we ate enough this past weekend to feed a small country. And no I don’t have beer bbq chicken in the crockpot right now, why do you ask?