Clearly doesn’t stay there. Here are some Thursday things, shared by that one husband of mine.

1. As most of you are aware, I was in Vegas over the weekend attending a wedding for a close friend from work.  I split a room with a co-worker, who I later found out snored like a chainsaw.  It was loud.  It was relentless.  I got approximately 7 ½ minutes of sleep that first night.  And now I completely understand what Jess has been saying for the past 42 odd months.

2. You may also have heard that I have a strong dislike for ricotta cheese.  Always have. So you can understand the great joy it provided my wife’s cousin Lacy, to inform me at a Christmas party that the dish I was enjoying was not pasta drowned in olive oil and mini ice cream scoops of finely grated parmesan cheese, but rather pasta drowned in olive oil and mini ice cream scoops of ricotta cheese.

3. Which brings me to my next point. I was informed that in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas there is a secret pizza joint.  It’s not advertised anywhere.  So since it was SECRET and PIZZA it was my life’s mission to find it.  And find it I did… smothered in ricotta.

4. I guess I like ricotta now.

5. I was propositioned by a lady of the night on Saturday at approximately 8:00AM, after another sleepless night, as I was finishing up my run outside the Bellagio. Yeah… I’ve still got it.