1. I made a million batches of Amanda’s brownies last week. #rollmehome

2. We all need to love life this much. Don’t.ever.stop.

3. The last few nights I’ve had like, the worst sleeps EVER. We have a constant battle because I like to be freezing (all the time) while my husband likes to be hot (all the time). It’s been warm at night and he refuses to leave the ceiling fan on (which I, of course, turn on after he falls sleep) even though I watch him toss and turn all night long because he gets too hot (throwing the covers off, laying across the bed). Sometimes I feel like there is a toddler sleeping next to me.

4. I’ve also taken to phone-recording his snoring in the middle of the night, because I like him to listen to what it’s like to sleep next to what sounds like a hairy old grandpa. I don’t know where the hairy part comes in but thank goodness I’m not dealing with that (yet).

5. Someone’s been eating cookie butter every night straight from the jar like it’s peanut butter, but the problem is that IT IS NOT PEANUT BUTTER. I wonder if this will ever stop.

6. I don’t care what dayo de mayo it is, I am dying for a mango jalapeno margarita and some cilantro limeade. Ugh. I can’t even stand it.

7. Speaking of margaritas I made the dumbest move a few weeks ago and grabbed some of that Skinnygirl margarita stuff in the liquor store because, well… I’m a marketer’s dream and can’t say no. It may have been the foulest thing I’ve ever tasted. Actually, I think it tasted like disgusting watered down garbage. Never ever again. Ever.

8. Since I’ve talked about it the last 3 weeks, I must scream from the rooftops that I just think Girls keeps getting better and better. But this is coming from a 15-year HBO worshipper.

9. Should I be using some sort of serum crap on my face at night in my late twenties? I feel like I should, and I feel like I need to be much more of an adult and do things like that which are very adult-like. Someone halllllp me. What should I use? Because I’m not going to be an adult in any other way. I’m looking at you laundry and dishes.

10. These shoes keep falling into my shopping cart. Definite problem.