Want to know something super embarrassing?

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cherry Soda Floats I howsweeteats.com

I live for school supplies.

No, really… I live for this time of year. I walk in Target and want to lock myself inside a la Joey + Pacey style. I go bananas over sparkly notebooks and journals and mechanical pencils and multicolored erasers and folders with unicorns on them and then wonder why Lisa Frank didn’t design a line for people in their 20s. At least a line that was substantially less embarrassing and obnoxious. And I mean obnoxious in the most fantastic way.

Even thought I was totally the kid that has massive anxiety the night before school started – probably to the point that I should have been medicated… and probably to the point that my parents wish THEY could have been medicated – the weeks leading up to it were some of my favorite of the year. I didn’t even mind coming home from our yearly summer vacation in August – the sure signal that summer was over – because it meant that it was time to get paper and pens.

My mom once said to me, “giving you a pencil and paper is like giving a serial killer a gun.” Morbid but true. I am THEE doodler. I doodle on everything. I destroy leftover envelopes and pieces of mail. I used to cover my paper-bag wrapped text books in bubble letters and hearts and squiggly lines. Now that most of my life is taken care of electronically, I cover things like bills and magazines in geometric designs while I talk on the phone and do incredibly important things like watch DVRed episodes of The Hills. You may think that YOU can doodle, but I assure you that I can outdoodle most people. I’m all up for a doodle challenge.

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cherry Soda Floats I howsweeteats.com

So as I was like, pouring bourbon over dark chocolate ice cream in a glass inside a dining room which is inside a house that I live in with my husband, I was just thinking that this is… weird. When did I get so old? Why am I old enough to drink bourbon for dessert and not purchase a new 6-pack of neon highlighters in August? I don’t know if I like this… except that I love it.

A few months ago I shared this float that I had for lunch. Yes lunch. We love some spiked floats in this house. Well, I enjoy them… my husband is NUTS over them. Adores them. They are like one of his favorite things. And one awesome thing about not having to go back to school in September? I can still have bourbon floats for lunch. Things are looking up, even if they aren’t covered in glitter pen.

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cherry Soda Floats I howsweeteats.com

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cherry Soda Floats

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  • 1 pint of dark chocolate ice cream
  • 4 ounces of bourbon
  • 2 bottles of cherry soda


  • Fill glasses with ice cream. Pour in 1-2 shots of bourbon (or lots more). Pour in soda. Drink. Enjoy!

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Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cherry Soda Floats I howsweeteats.com

The weekend is now complete.