1. Donut obsession: still going strong. My tastebuds are definitely maturing with this incoming older age. Paired with hot chocolate, I am a total grown up! Prepare to see me on an episode of Intervention.

2. You know your husband loves you when he tells you that back in the summer he attempted to contact Miranda Lambert’s publicist to try and get her to play at your 30th birthday party. No luck, but ummm… that’s amazing.

3. Stop the presses. My childhood dreams have come true. Cory and Topanga might be back.

4. And speaking of… just in case you’re wondering why Pacey Witter is my crush for life.

5. You know something random my mom always taught me to do? Take my clothes out of fitting rooms after I finished trying them on. Um, I ALWAYS do this. It’s like ingrained in me or something. And it’s a really sore subject with me. It may take me three hours to clean the kitchen after I make a mess, but rest assured I never leave fitting rooms a mess. Probably because I’m high from retail therapy.

6. Since I’ve been wearing out my welcome with butternut squash, I have a TON of room left to be obsessed with pumpkin. Therefore, I will be making this pumpkin beer bread like ASAP.

7. You know how I can tell I’m getting old? Well. I am a HUGE sap for Christmas and holidays. I just adore them, I love that time of year and am obsessed with the memories it brings and all the time I get to spend with my family. Blah blah blah. So it’s only natural that I am one of those annoying chicks that likes to listen to Christmas music on November 1st. Once, I even convinced my husband to put up our tree on like, November 5th. But… I tried to listen to it last week and it just felt… wrong. I can’t do it. Wah!

8. Last year I shared this hilarious video compilation that Jimmy Kimmel put together of parents telling kids they ate all of their Halloween candy. OMG. I think I might have died of hysterics. Here is the new one and while I don’t think it’s quite as great as last year, it’s still pretty funnaaay.

9. Indulge me. It’s the last day of my twenties and therefore the last day I will really feel comfortable posting something like this article about how your twenties really are versus how you thought they would be. The first one? Um yes.

10. I’m currently making a list of things to do in my thirties and the first one is to not eat a large bowl of mashed potatoes for lunch. Like, only mashed potatoes. Because I definitely might have done that today. Getting it out of my system now!

11. There are two very important things on this list that plague me ALWAYS. #6 and #11. Oomph.