1. I really don’t think it’s possible to even exaggerate the amount of food we ate in NYC this past weekend… because it was THAT much. My husband actually had a breakdown concerning the amount of bakeries we were visiting. I may share where we ate soon even though I feel judged becausewaaaaahI’mjustnotcoolenough. Unless you consider blasting Barry Manilow and going to bed at 9PM cool.

2. While in New York, I finally managed to get my husband to eat two things that he really despises – pumpkin and avocado – and he LOVED them. Granted, it took six drinks before but ahhh…. what can you do?

3. I am very embarrassingly, obnoxiously obsessed with Instagram. 20 signs prove it right here.

4. Not that I was ever on it, but be prepared for me to drop like 2000 points from your coolness scale: I really love the cranberry sauce out of a can. It’s true. I do. I haven’t ever bought it, but my mom does and I still eat it multiple times during the year. I freaking love it. What does that make me?

5. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen enough Thanksgiving food and well, I can’t seem to find anything that isn’t Thanksgiving food, so take a look at this love letter that gives me chills every.single.time. Talk about inspiration. 

6. Ooh ooh ooh! Speaking of Thanksgiving stuff, you should probably read this hilarious hater’s guide to the Williams Sonoma catalog. Two words: Hys. Terical.

7. Dude, I don’t even KNOW what to think about Homeland at the moment. What is going on between Carrie and Brody and please tell me you felt extreme second hand embarrassment at THAT CERTAIN SCENE on Sunday? I mean, it seems like he is in love with her or something, like for real? Gotta say though, this weeks episode made the SNL skit I shared in last week’s Tuesday things even more hysterical. I mean, it was like spot on. I think they watched the skit and went back and reshot that entire episode. Okay, I’m done.

8. You know how I wasn’t able to get into Christmas music two weeks ago? Well, totally over that. If only because I wasn’t listening to the best ever holiday album, otherwise known as N*SYNC’s Home For Christmas. I don’t think I will ever stop listening to that. And I never even liked N*SYNC. I might be 63 years old rocking out.

9. If you are anything like me, which yes, probably consists of being outrageously neurotic, immature and annoying, but also means that you’re totally obsessed with makeup, you just might be able to relate to this article on how to shop at Sephora. Um. That’s me. Every time.

10. I was reallllly going to eat super healthy these three days before Thanksgiving given last week’s carbcation, but I just ate a cookie. I mean two cookies. I mean… I lost count.