1. The lack of new and unique cookie recipes in my life is disturbing. I might only be bringing you Christmas cake and Christmas ice cream this year.

2. Please, please, puhhhlease tell me you’ve seen this Pier 1 commercial where the little snowman girl giggles and says her foot is “smooshed” inside a cupcake. Oh my gosh. I die every time it’s on. I’ve DVRed it. It’s so cute I just want to eat it. Best marketing ever. Also: I still need a life.

3. If someone could make this pretty pink drink appear in front of me, say… like 10 minutes ago, I would be ever so gracious.

4. Daylight Savings time is killing me. KILLING.ME. It’s dark by like 4:15. Actually today, it started getting dark around 2:23. This does not bode well for my motivation and my very fluffy and pillow laden couch. And my DVR. Oh, and I guess… my job.

5. I’ve got a huge girl crush on hungry girl por vida. Her photos? Her styling? In the least creepiest way possible, I’d like to be her. Yes… I know how that sounds.

6. Alright. Do you really want to know how many times I’ve watched the Girls season 2 trailer? I’m way too embarrassed to tell you. But I can’t stop. How annoying is it going to be when we talk about it every single week come January?! Ugh. Can’t wait.

7. Since I have terrible taste, one of my all-time favorite scenes in a movie is in Forgetting Sarah Marshall when Paul Rudd tells Jason Segel to “do less” for like five straight minutes. I often respond to questions with simply… “do less.” If you share my immature and odd sentiments, then this is the most perfect article ever. Especially if you like to write.

8. For a giggle: the monologue of a Stabucks white chocolate peppermint mocha. Dying.

9. I am very boring this week. If I was being honest each of my points would include things about all my current TV shows and how they are definitely real life (they are!), but um, that is embarrassing.